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The Evolution of Data Center Cooling: Embracing Containment

Data center cooling constitutes a significant portion of energy usage, accounting for up to 50% of total energy consumption. Every day, vast amounts of energy are dedicated to ensuring optimal intake temperatures for IT equipment. In the landscape of data center cooling, the advent of containment has been a game-changer. This innovation has not only resulted in substantial energy savings, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars, but has also markedly reduced the carbon footprint of data centers. By effectively segregating cold supply air from the hot exhaust emitted by equipment, containment has revolutionized the design and operation of IT facilities.

Understanding Data Center Containment

Data center containment is a strategic approach that distinctly segregates cold supply airflow from the hot exhaust emitted by equipment. This deliberate division ensures a consistent and predictable temperature for the IT equipment intake and facilitates a warmer, moisture-reduced return air to the air conditioning coil. Modern businesses prioritize hot aisle and cold aisle containment as a pivotal measure to enhance energy efficiency and optimize equipment performance within their data centers. Implementing such containment solutions augments air efficiency, leading to prolonged hardware durability, enhanced up-times, and significant energy conservation.
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Key Advantages of Containment Solutions

Harness the transformative power of containment solutions, designed to optimize energy use, enhance cooling efficiency, and maximize the longevity and performance of your IT infrastructure.

Reduced Energy Consumption:

Containment solutions optimize airflow, leading to significant energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Increased Cooling Capacity:

Enhanced airflow management allows for more efficient cooling, accommodating higher thermal loads.

Increased Rack Population:

With improved cooling efficiency, data centers can safely house more racks within the same footprint.

Consistent Supply to IT Intake:

Containment ensures a uniform temperature supply, providing optimal conditions for IT equipment.

More Power Available for IT Equipment:

Efficient cooling and energy savings free up power, allowing for greater allocation to IT infrastructure

Increased Equipment Up-time:

By maintaining ideal operating conditions, containment solutions minimize disruptions and maximize equipment availability.

Product Types

Explore our range of advanced thermal management solutions, tailored to optimize energy efficiency, enhance data center protection, and meet the unique demands of your IT infrastructure.

Aisle Frame

The AisleFrame seamlessly integrates the essential elements of containment, cable and power pathways, and cabinet docking into a singular modular framework.

Aisle End Doors

Our sophisticated door systems ensure effortless accessibility while proficiently sealing both hot and cold aisle ends.

Roof Systems

Our innovative roof systems offer economical and energy-efficient solutions tailored for both hot aisle and cold aisle data center containment.

Containment Panels

Our meticulously engineered wall panels are custom-crafted to suit your specific dimensions, bridging all gaps to form a unified containment solution.

Curtain Containment

Introducing the Rack Hat curtain containment system - the industry's premier cost-effective solution and the only kit-based curtain containment system available.


Our state-of-the-art cabinets are crafted to cater to the evolving demands of modern data centers, inherently supporting airflow management.

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Revolutionize data center design with our cutting-edge free cooling economizer techniques, boasting unmatched efficiency and protection.

Airflow Management

Our tailored airflow management solutions (AMS) are designed to enhance the efficiency of the hot and cold aisle containment systems in place.

Polar PDUs

Merging our advanced containment and cabinet solutions with power management, we present the industry's most potent 'plug and play' solution.

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