Comprehensive Computer Room Services (CRS)

Unified Solutions for Advanced Computer Room Management

At GridShield CSI INC., we offer specialized maintenance and repair solutions tailored for equipment that underpins mission-critical and life-critical systems. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of essential systems, including uninterruptible power systems (UPS), precision computer room air conditioners, fire suppression systems, engine generators, power distribution units, switchgear, and site monitoring equipment. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service support, ensuring seamless operations for your computer and server rooms.

With GridShield CSI Inc., clients benefit from a centralized point of service, ensuring both responsibility and accountability for all your technical needs.

Comprehensive Service Plans: Tailored Support for Optimal Performance

  • Customized maintenance plans
  • Emergency on-site fast response
  • 2 - 4 hours or less of Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Extended 24-hour, 365-day coverage
  • Battery maintenance
  • Extended warranty coverage
  • Engineering services
  • Toll-free 24-hour service response
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  • Service coverage provided 24 hrs. a day, 365 days a year
  • Three phase units receive, One Major, One Minor preventative
    maintenance check.
  • Single phase units receive, One Major preventative maintenance check.
  • No-charge parts replacement (excluding batteries).
  • No-charge on-site emergency service labor and travel costs.
  • Advanced battery maintenance and testing.
  • Infrared temperature sensing for problem areas (ensures mechanical integrity).
  • Tachometer measurements of fan speed for poor air circulation.
  • Four hour on-site response time.
  • 24 Hour service hot-line.
  • One time per year no-charge (labor only) battery replacement where
  • 15% Discount on parts and labor required beyond plan coverage,
    (excluding batteries).
  • Harmonic Distortion Analysis, to ensure total harmonic distortion THD is less than IEEE standard of (5) percent, performed during major p.m.
** Preventative maintenance will be performed at customer's convenience, seven days a week, 24 hrs. daily (excluding statutory holidays)
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  • Three phase units receive, one major, one minor preventative maintenance check.
  • Single phase units receive, one major preventative maintenance check.
  • Contract rates on service provided other than p.m. checkup.
  • Harmonic Distortion Analysis, to ensure total harmonic distortion THD is less than IEEE standard of 5%, performed during major p.m.
  • Advanced battery maintenance and testing.
  • Infrared temperature sensing for problem areas (ensures mechanical integrity).
  • Tachometer measurements of fan speed for poor air circulation.
  • 24 Hour on-site response time.
  • 24 Hour service hot-line.
  • 10% Discount on replacement parts (excluding batteries)
** Preventative maintenance will be performed at customer's convenience, seven days a week, 24 hrs. daily (excluding statutory holidays)
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Precision Air Conditioning Maintenance:
Ensuring the consistent and efficient performance of your computer room's precision air conditioning system is paramount to safeguarding the continuity of your business's information technology operations. At GridShield CSI Inc., our service support is delivered by seasoned technicians, each certified by the factory. We offer our expertise around the clock, seven days a week.Below is a sample of our preventative maintenance checklist, highlighting the essential system evaluations.
To help keep your equipment in satisfactory and efficient operation and to extend the period of its use we will provide maintenance service as described in this “Service Check List” as applicable to the items of equipment identified and listed.
Including all labour for:
  • Operating inspection (as per # of visits indicated on contract)
  • Adjustment of controls, belts and pulleys, and lubrication
  • Routine cleaning, such as air filters and equipment surfaces
Excluding all material, labor and parts for:
  • Emergency service calls
  • Repairs
  • Humidifier bottle replacement
  • Chemical cleaning
Electrical Panel
  • Check fuses
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check operation sequence
  • Check thermostat and calibrate
  • Check safety control setting
Reheat Section
  • Start up heater to burn off dust
  • Check amps
Refrigerant Charge
  • Check refrigerant levels
Air Cooled Condenser
  • Ensure motor mounts are tight
  • Ensure bearings are in good condition
  • Ensure refrigerant lines properly supported
Air Distribution Section
  • Check for restriction in grille free area
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check operation sequence
Refrigeration Cycle / Section
  • Check refrigerant lines
  • Check for moisture (sight glass)
  • Check suction pressure
  • Check discharge pressure
  • Check hot gas bypass valve
  • Check thermostatic expansion valve
  • Check oil levels
  • Check for leaks
  • Check crankcase heater
  • Check amps
  • Check pressure transducers
Steam Generating Humidifier
  • Check canister for deposits
  • Check condition of steam hoses
  • Check and clean humidifier pans
  • Check and clean drain hoses
Blower Section
  • Check impellers to ensure free of debris and move freely
  • Ensure bearings in good condition
  • Check fan safety switch operation
  • Check amps
  • Check air flow; replace if needed
  • Check filter switch
  • Wipe section clean
Unyielding Performance in Extreme Conditions

Weather should never be a barrier to excellence.

At Gridshield CSI INC, we believe that weather should never be a barrier to excellence. Whether it's the scorching heat of summer or the biting cold of -30 degrees, our commitment remains unwavering. Our products and services are designed to withstand the harshest of conditions, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently. With Grid Shield by your side, you can trust that we'll get the job done, no matter what Mother Nature throws our way.

Fire Integrity Testing & Maintenance
To ensure the efficacy of gaseous fire suppression systems, it's imperative to conduct air-tightness tests upon the system's commissioning and then annually. This ensures that, when activated, the system operates optimally; excessive air leakage could cause the concentration of the fire suppressant agent to diminish rapidly.
Semi-Annual Inspection for Waterless Suppression System: Novec 1230 System
Our comprehensive inspection aligns with the standards set by NFPA 2001 and includes:
  • Verification of nozzle positioning.
  • Examination for any visible signs of wear or deterioration.
  • Visual assessment of all system hoses for potential damage.
  • Evaluation of agent quantity and pressure in all cylinders.
  • Confirmation of equipment shutdown functionality.
  • Testing of manual release operations.
  • Functional testing of all automatic detectors.
  • Operation check of remote manual releases.
  • Clearing of all nozzle obstructions.
  • Re-sealing of safety pins.
  • Re-sealing of manual release mechanisms.
  • System reactivation post safety pin removal.
  • Ensuring personnel are adequately trained on system operations.
  • Documentation of cylinder dates and serial numbers.
  • Comprehensive Fire Alarm functionality check, including:
    • Sequence of Operation
    • Actuation Devices
    • Alarm Devices
    • Delay Devices
    • Audible Devices
    • Visual Devices
    • Equipment Shutdown
    • Other related functions
  • Supply complete Inspection Reports and Comments.
Engine Generators Overview:
Offering generators with capacities ranging from 5 Kva to 2000 Kva, available in Diesel, Natural Gas, and Propane. Our services encompass site audits, design, project management, and installation. We collaborate with renowned manufacturers like Caterpillar and Kohler. Additionally, we provide guidance for Ministry of Environment approvals and an emergency generator checklist as per EPA Section 9.
  • Capacity Range: 5 Kva to 2000 Kva.
  • Fuel Types: Diesel, Natural Gas, and Propane.
  • Manufacturers: Caterpillar, Onan-Cummins, Harper Detroit Diesel, and Kohler.
Comprehensive Services by CSI:
  • Site Audits: Comprehensive evaluation to determine suitability and requirements.
  • Conceptual Layouts: Initial planning and design considerations.
  • Design Drawings: Detailed blueprints tailored to your specifications.
  • Project Management: Ensuring timely and efficient execution of the project.
  • Installation: Professional setup by our experienced team.
  • Ministry of Environment Approval Assistance: Guidance and support in obtaining necessary approvals.
Supplementary Documentation:

GridShield CSI INC can provide every level of generator maintenance & service to every brand of Generator.

Available Generator Services

Annual Preventative Maintenance

  • Oil & Filter replacement
  • Fuel Filter Replacement
  • Oil Sample Analysis
  • Complete inspection of Generator Set

Semi Annual Preventative Maintenance

  • Complete visual inspection of Generator Set (6 month interval)

Load Bank Testing

  • Complete full 2 hour load test at maximum name plate rating
  • Completed with load banks (simulated load) no interruption to building power)

Other Services Supplied

  • Meggar Testing (Alternator insulation testing)
  • Cooling system upgrades (Upgrade hoses & replace antifreeze)
  • Battery replacement
  • Building Load Tests (Transfer of emergency power to generator for testing of complete system including ATS)
  • Transfer Switch Maintenance
  • All repairs to any generator/engine component
  • Temporary Mobile Generators
  • Weekly Preventative Maintenance
  • Bi-Weekly Preventative Maintenance
  • Monthly Preventative Maintenance

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