Computer Room Air Conditioning

Optimizing Data Center Cooling: Efficiency Meets Expertise

In today's dynamic landscape, prioritizing energy efficiency and adept air management is paramount for your data center's cooling solution. Choosing a seasoned solutions provider is equally crucial. The efficacy of a cooling system is intrinsically linked to the management and control of airflow within the room and the computer cabinet. This stands central to crafting a dependable and efficient computing environment. Our commitment is to deliver a holistic solution that surpasses your anticipations. We pledge to engineer a cooling system characterized by stellar performance, adaptability, and peak efficiency. Our proposed solution will be tailored to your distinct requirements and goals, leveraging the most effective methods and hardware available to address your needs comprehensively.

Optimized Thermal Management Solutions

Ensure the utmost efficiency and reliability in heat and humidity control tailored to your facility's dimensions, location, and overarching business objectives. By leveraging our advanced thermal management systems, you can bolster the protection of your data centers and pivotal IT environments, simultaneously optimizing operational costs and amplifying revenue potential. Vertiv's solutions stand as a beacon of unparalleled reliability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness in heat management for mission-critical spaces. Our commitment is evident in our continuous design, construction, and innovation of groundbreaking technologies that set new standards in the industry. With our intelligent, adaptive, and swiftly deployable solutions, you're equipped to consistently address and overcome your IT challenges.
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Product Types

Explore our range of advanced thermal management solutions, tailored to optimize energy efficiency, enhance data center protection, and meet the unique demands of your IT infrastructure.

Heat Rejection

Experience efficient heat mitigation through our versatile and easily installable systems.

High Density Solutions

Elevate capacity swiftly and cost-effectively.

Outdoor Packaged Systems

Deploy efficient economization solutions with speed and precision.

Room Cooling

Attain unparalleled protection, optimize energy conservation, streamline deployment, and conserve water.

In-Row Cooling

Address high-density challenges with adaptable, efficient, and expandable cooling and containment strategies.

Rack Cooling

Enhance protection using compact solutions scalable for rack densities up to 35kW.

Evaporative Free Cooling

Revolutionize data center design with our cutting-edge free cooling economizer techniques, boasting unmatched efficiency and protection.

Free Cooling Chillers

Secure dependable cooling for critical systems in vital industries through our user-friendly Free Cooling Chillers.

Thermal Control and Monitoring

Synchronize and regulate your comprehensive data center thermal management system, achieving efficiency gains of up to 50%, bolstering protection and security, and augmenting staff productivity.

Liebert® DSE™ Free-Cooling System

The Liebert DSE stands as a pioneering pumped refrigerant economization system tailored for data centers, facilitating free cooling for a significant portion of the year. Comprising four integral components, the system synergistically optimizes free cooling while bolstering protection through its fail-safe economization complemented by a comprehensive direct expansion (DX) backup.
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Key Differentiators:

Liebert DSE: A Unique Approach to Data Center Cooling

Unparalleled Efficiency & Reliability:

  • The industry's first pumped refrigerant economization system designed specifically for data centers.
  • Offers superior efficiency and reliability compared to conventional technologies.

Minimal Maintenance:

  • No need for water treatment.
  • Maintenance-free design with no dampers, louvers, or belts.
  • Features direct-drive EC fans and requires a lower refrigerant charge than traditional DX systems.

Contamination Prevention:

  • Exclusively designed to prevent external air from entering the data center, ensuring a contaminant-free environment.

Maximized Economization:

  • Advanced controls adapt operations based on outdoor ambient temperatures and IT requirements, optimizing economization hours.

Water Conservation:

  • A water-free system, eliminating the need and associated costs of water maintenance.

Certified Excellence:

  • Compliant with California Title 24, endorsed as a prescribed economization option by the California Energy Commission.
  • AHRI Certified® for efficiency and capacity by the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute.

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