UPS Management / Umbrella Service

Our Commitment:

At GridShield CSI INC, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled power management services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our unique approach ensures that all your equipment is covered around the clock, guaranteeing increased reliability and minimal downtime. With our seasoned team of experts, we ensure that your maintenance programs are not only coordinated but also optimized to meet your uptime demands.

Under the Canopy of Assurance: Staying Fully Covered in Every Endeavor.

UPS Management Program for Multi-Unit Locations

Our UPS Management Program is crafted for locations with multiple units, especially when overseeing a backup power network becomes overwhelming for the in-house team. By partnering with GridShield CSI INC, clients can:
  • Efficiently manage their UPS inventory.
  • Ensure that critical company loads are backed by the right UPS system.
  • Guarantee regular Preventative Maintenance (PM) visits for all systems.
  • Redirect staff to core business-related tasks.
  • Proactively schedule battery replacements.
  • Evaluate factors like battery levels and runtime.
  • Receive detailed service reports and actionable recommendations.
  • Toll-free 24-hour service response

Advanced Power Quality Monitoring Service

GridShield CSI INC is equipped with a state-of-the-art Reliable Power Meter's (RPM) Power Monitoring system. This advanced tool allows us to:

Voltage and Current Monitoring:

Monitor and record voltage and current for electrical systems, covering up to 3 phases, neutral, and ground.

Versatile System Connection:

Directly connect to any system ranging from 100 millivolts to 1000 Volts AC and up to 5000 Amperes.

Standard Metering Integration:

Connect to standard metering current and potential transformers, allowing us to monitor and record any AC electrical system.

Thermal Scanning Capabilities:

Use our thermal "hot-spot" scanning equipment to identify areas with excessive temperatures, enhancing our capability to detect potential power issues.
All our monitoring adheres to the IEEE Standard 1159-1995 Recommended Practice for Monitoring Electrical Power Quality.

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