Power Distribution Solutions

Comprehensive Power Distribution Solutions for Data Centers

Ensure optimal power management and seamless operations in your data center with our range of power distribution solutions. From row-based 3-phase power distribution for business-critical applications to rack-level power availability with advanced metering and control options, we offer versatile solutions tailored to your needs. Our offerings also include room power distribution for critical loads and transfer switches for uninterrupted power source transitions. Each solution is designed with configurability and adaptability in mind, ensuring that your data center remains powered, efficient, and resilient.

Comprehensive Power Distribution Solutions for Data Centers

Optimize your data center with our tailored power distribution solutions, ranging from row-based 3-phase setups to advanced rack-level systems. Our offerings ensure efficiency, adaptability, and uninterrupted power for critical operations.

Row 3 Phase Power Distribution

Row 3 phase power distribution solutions installed in or above the row supply and monitor power for demanding, business-critical data center applications.

  • Configurable Power Accessories
  • Configurable Power Distribution
  • Data Bar by Anord Mardix. for Data Center
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Rack Power Distribution

Rack PDUs provide server level power availability with a variety of power metering and control options as well as environmental monitoring capability.

  • Metered-by-Outlet with Switching Rack PDU
  • Switched Rack PDU
  • Metered-by-Outlet Rack PDU
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Room Power Distribution

Versatile three-phase power distribution for data centers and critical loads.

  • Cabinet Power Distribution
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Transfer Switches

Transfer switches for seamless transfer of power sources in the home, data center and other critical applications

  • Rack-mount Transfer Switches
  • Wall-mount Transfer Switches
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Selecting the Ideal Rack PDU: A Comprehensive Guide

Rack PDUs, while all designed to supply power to equipment, come with a diverse range of features, capabilities, and complexities. This guide aims to streamline the selection process for you.

1. Basic Rack PDU:

Offers dependable power distribution from a single input to multiple output receptacles, catering to both low-amperage, single-phase circuits and robust, three-phase solutions.

2. Metered Rack PDU:

Equipped with real-time remote load monitoring and user-defined alarms to preemptively alert against potential circuit overloads, mitigating IT disruptions.

3. Switched Rack PDU:

Incorporates advanced load monitoring and provides remote control over individual outlets, facilitating power cycling, delayed power sequencing, and outlet usage management.

4. Metered by Outlet Rack PDU:

Enables real-time remote surveillance of each distinct outlet, enhancing monitoring and management capabilities.

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