Infrared Thermography Assessment Service

Precision Thermography: Ensuring System Integrity

Gridshield CSI Inc.'s Infrared Thermography Assessment Service is a testament to our commitment to precision and proactive maintenance. By leveraging advanced infrared technology, we meticulously evaluate your facility's electrical infrastructure, identifying potential hot spots and anomalies. This not only ensures the longevity and efficiency of your equipment but also safeguards against unexpected disruptions. Trust in our expertise to keep your systems running optimally, ensuring peace of mind and operational excellence.

The Importance of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS):

Deemed a pivotal element of any Corporate IT Network Infrastructure, the Uninterruptible Power System is indispensable. Gridshield CSI Inc. incorporates UPS Thermography Assessment (Hot Spot Detection) as a standard feature in our UPS service offerings.

Spotting the Hot Spots:

Incorporating Thermography Assessment with Uninterruptible Power Systems Preventative Maintenance Programs elevates the maintenance quality. Our advanced Preventative Maintenance Procedures now encompass this service for UPSs configured for 3-phase electrical inputs and outputs.

Why Thermography?

While electrical currents naturally produce heat, abnormal heating within your system is a cause for concern. Such anomalies arise from excessive resistance or high current flow, leading to escalated energy consumption and potential UPS damage. Factors that might disrupt UPS operation, undetectable through visual inspections or conventional service tools, include:

Infrared thermal imaging stands out as a potent tool in pinpointing abnormal heat, offering a comprehensive view of your Uninterruptible Power System and preemptively identifying issues.


Service Overview:

Infrared scanning identifies hot spots and unusual heating patterns, allowing us to pinpoint and rectify defects before they escalate to equipment malfunction, personal harm, or unplanned business interruptions.

Our Thermography Assessment Service employs a state-of-the-art digital infrared thermography camera to meticulously evaluate the electrical infrastructure of your Data Center and its associated environments. Each assessment is conducted by a Certified Tier II Infrared Thermographer.

This service can be availed as an independent offering or can be integrated into a routine maintenance plan for your Data Center Support Systems. Post-assessment, we provide a comprehensive report, empowering you to optimize facility performance, prolong equipment lifespan, avert unforeseen expenses, and guarantee maximum system availability.


Based On scope of work
Factors Influencing Cost:
  • Data Center size
  • Equipment type
  • Power capacity
  • Cooling capacity
  • Location
  • Availability of existing documentation
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Diverse Applications: Tailored Assessments for Every Space

Data Centers

Server Rooms

Switchgear Rooms

Electrical Rooms

Network Closets

Sample Scanning:

3 phase fuse
Circuit Panel
Wall Plug
Loose Connectioin
Server Racks

Equipment Typically Assessed:

Uninterruptible Power Systems

Maintenance Bypass Circuitry


Splitter Boxes

Power Receptacles

Breaker Panelsv

Main Switchboards


Transfer Switches

Main Input Panels

Server Cabinets



Air Conditioners

Power Distribution Panels

Main Disconnects

Power Bars

Fuse Panels


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