Transfer Switches

Understanding Transfer Switches

Transfer switches play a pivotal role in power management, ensuring seamless transitions between primary and backup power sources. Essential for data centers, homes, and other critical applications, they guarantee uninterrupted power supply, safeguarding equipment and maintaining operational continuity
STATYS™ PS Series (400A, 600A)
STATYS™ PS Series (400A, 600A)

The STATYS PS is designed to protect critical and sensitive appliances in IT, telecom and industrial applications.  Use this system to protect critical enterprise servers, storage systems, networking equipment, telecommunications systems, diagnostic/medical devices and more.STATYS PS has been designed to minimize overall footprint, since only front access is required for installation, operation and maintenance.A key feature of the unit is that all key components have been designed to be easily replaceable, minimizing downtime and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).

Innovative Design

  • Front-only access for installation, operation & service
  • Zero side & rear clearance requirement, minimizes effective footprint
  • Unique rack-out and replace of entire STS power module
  • Pluggable, molded case switches
  • IR view port options for effective preventative maintenance
  • Skiddless packaging designed for pallet truck handling
  • Advanced Transformer Switching Management (ATSM)
  • Proprietary software algorithms manages inrush currents
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Automatic Transfer Switches
Automatic Transfer Switches

For nearly a century, GE has been at the vanguard of delivering dependable ATS power switching solutions. The GTX Series Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) by GE are engineered to ensure an uninterrupted power supply for critical operations. They achieve this by seamlessly transitioning from source1 to source2 power when source1 experiences undervoltage, phase loss, or under-frequency. The option of integrating the cutting-edge MX70 microprocessor ensures precise voltage sensing and system control. Crafted for emergency or standby systems, GE's transfer switches support a myriad of loads at their full rated current, epitomizing both reliability and user-friendly operation.

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