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At GridShield CSI Inc., we are dedicated to offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to support and optimize your mission-critical systems. From ensuring the seamless operation of computer rooms to providing expert engineering services, our offerings are geared towards enhancing reliability, reducing downtime, and ensuring the highest level of system availability. Explore our range of services tailored for the modern business:
Comprehensive Computer Room Services:

Entrust your mission-critical and life-critical systems to our expert hands. We specialize in maintenance and repair solutions for equipment integral to your operations, including UPS, precision computer room air conditioners, fire suppression systems, engine generators, power distribution, switchgear, and site monitoring equipment.

  • Expert maintenance for mission-critical equipment.
  • Specialized repair solutions tailored to each equipment type.
  • Regular system health checks and diagnostics.
  • Proactive monitoring for early fault detection.
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UPS Management - Umbrella Service:

Experience unparalleled 24x7 coverage for all your equipment. Our consolidated maintenance contracts are designed to ensure all your systems are optimally maintained, leading to enhanced reliability and minimized downtime. Our seasoned team brings industry expertise to ensure your maintenance programs are synchronized, optimized, and effective.

  • 24x7 dedicated equipment coverage.
  • Regular maintenance checks to ensure optimal performance.
  • Consolidated contract management for ease of tracking.
  • Expert consultations for system upgrades and expansions.
Engineering Service:

Benefit from our specialized engineering services tailored for commercial, industrial, government buildings, and healthcare facilities. We excel in providing professional engineering solutions for mission-critical facilities like Data Centres, Server Rooms, and Telecom Facilities.

  • Customized solutions for diverse facility types.
  • Adherence to industry standards and best practices.
  • Continuous collaboration with stakeholders for project alignment.
  • Periodic reviews to ensure project milestones are met.
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Infrared Thermography Assessment Service:

Prevent unscheduled disruptions with our Infrared Scanning, designed to detect hot spots and abnormal heating patterns. Our Certified Tier II Infrared Thermographer utilizes a state-of-the-art digital infrared thermography camera to assess the electrical infrastructure in your Data Center and related environments. Opt for this as a standalone service or integrate it into your regular maintenance program.

  • Comprehensive scanning using advanced infrared cameras.
  • Certified Tier II Infrared Thermographer-led assessments.
  • Detailed reporting on detected anomalies and hotspots.
  • Recommendations for preventive measures and repairs.
Hardware Installation Services:

Ensure a smooth commissioning process with our installation service. We address all technical facets, encompassing electrical, mechanical, structural, monitoring, and environmental aspects. Our experienced trade partners, under the guidance of our project management team, ensure the project's control and manageability.

  • Pre-installation site assessment and planning.
  • Coordination with experienced trade partners.
  • Adherence to safety and installation protocols.
  • Post-installation testing and validation.

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